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DS1206 Programmable Controller

DS1206 Programmable Controller£78.00

10/100BaseT Ethernet Port

Compact (60x47x30mm)

Up to 3.5 serial channels

Superior upgrade to DS203.

Power input/output through RS232 port

Free serial-over-IP Tibbo BASIC application available

PCB Drill 0.80mm x 10.00mm

PCB Drill 0.80mm x 10.00mm£1.95

0.80mm x 10.00mm ST Series PCB Drill, are a universal drill bit witch can be used for many materials.

1.55 mm 1/2 oz double sided FR4  12''x 9''

1.55 mm 1/2 oz double sided FR4 12"x 9"£3.10

9" x 12" 1.6mm 1/2 oz double sided FR4 Copper Board typically used in the manufacture of double sided PCB's with Plated Through Holes or Via's.

60° tip, 1/8 inch shank, 1.42 inches long

60° tip, 1/8 inch shank, 1.42 inches long£11.00

60° tip, 1/8 in. shank, 1.42" (36 mm) Mechanical Etching and Engraving bit.



32 Way turn Pin Socket. 0.6 Pitch

EM1206 & RJ203

EM1206 & RJ203£19.50

The EM1206 is a compact Tibbo BASIC/C-programmable IoT Module with Ethernet, as well as optional Wi-Fi* and GPRS** connectivity. The EM1206 has four UARTs.

In combination with the RJ203 jack/magnetics front end (shown), the EM1206 forms a complete programmable Ethernet node occupying only 34.4x20mm (1.35x0.79") of the host board's space.