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Misc payment

Misc payment£1.00

Payment of 1 pound or multiples of 1 pound

EM203 + RJ203 02 Module Combination

EM203 + RJ203 02 Module Combination£30.00

RJ203+EM203-02(with fixed firmware)

The RJ203 can also be used in combination with the EM203 module.

45° tip, with ring, 1/8inch shank, 1.42inch long

45° tip, with ring, 1/8inch shank, 1.42inch long£12.50

45° tip, 1/8 in. shank, 1.42" (36 mm) Mechanical Etching and Engraving bit.

Router 2.0mm x 8mm with ring

Router 2.0mm x 8mm with ring£4.10

2.0mm diameter x 8mm length SC/FT Series PCB Router with ring, suitable for peripheral contour routing

DS1202 Basic Programmable Controller

DS1202 Basic Programmable Controller£73.00   £45.00

SALE : To Clear BASIC-programmable external controller. One 100BaseT Ethernet port, 3.5 serial channels on a single RS232 port, very compact dimensions. Onboard flash disk, EEPROM.
Can be used as a serial device server — Tibbo BASIC serial-over-IP application available for free.