Terms of Business

Our standard terms are conditions are available upon request via email.

We are Primarily a Business to Business supplier. 90% of our sales are to Business , Education, Sole Traders and Professional users.

Our pimary price strategy is to present prices exclusive of tax. Prices inclusive of tax are shown in parantheses.

Where the tax rules denote that tax should be charged at the point of supply we calculate and display tax at the point of product selection and checkout.

Where the sale is deemed exempt from tax, we will invoice and accept payment without tax. Since we are solely responsible for the collection of tax, we may ask the purchaser to prove their tax exempt status.

When dealing with Businesses (B2B) , Terms and Conditions of Supply may vary. Unless we agree otherwise, in writing, our Standard terms and Conditions of sale apply to all orders accepted by us. If you are a Business , by placing an order via this web site, you accept our Terms and Conditions of Sale

The Law

Regardless of ANY TERMS in our Standard Terms and Conditions of Sale. When dealing with NON BUSINESS customers - 'The Public' or 'The Consumer' - We always adhere to the current law regarding consumer rights. These laws change from time to time, If this page reflects information that is incorrect or if you feel that our interpretation is unreasonable, please send us an email explaining the error or the change that you think appropriate.  We thank you for helping us stay up to date, fair and equitable.