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EM1001 Basic Programmable Ethernet Board

EM1001 Basic Programmable Ethernet Board£25.10

The EM1001 is Tibbo's most powerful and versatile BASIC-programmable Ethernet board.

DS1206 Programmable Controller

DS1206 Programmable Controller£83.00

10/100BaseT Ethernet Port

Compact (60x47x30mm)

Up to 3.5 serial channels

Superior upgrade to DS203.

Power input/output through RS232 port

Free serial-over-IP Tibbo BASIC application available



Being the smallest among our BASIC/C-programmable modules, the "vertical slice"

45° tip, 1/8 inch shank, 1.42 inches long

45° tip, 1/8 inch shank, 1.42 inches long£11.00

45° tip, 1/8 in. shank, 1.42" (36 mm) Mechanical Etching and Engraving bit.

100ml Polyethene Bottle

100ml Polyethene Bottle£0.20

100ml Polyethene Opaque Bottle, used for chemical storage

250ml Polyethene Bottle

250ml Polyethene Bottle£0.30

250ml Polyethene white Opaque Bottle