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24C64 S/M

24C64 S/M£0.25

8 Pin Surface mount device

24LC64- I/P£0.25

EM203 + RJ203 02 Module Combination

EM203 + RJ203 02 Module Combination£32.00

RJ203+EM203-02(with fixed firmware)

The RJ203 can also be used in combination with the EM203 module.



8-bit CMOS EPROM MCU, 2K FLASH, 224 bytes RAM - 4MHz (18)

PCB Drill 0.35mm x 5.50mm with ring

PCB Drill 0.35mm x 5.50mm with ring£2.45

0.35mm x 5.50mm UC Series PCB Drill, used for small through holes or via interconnectors. These bits are ideal for high density multilayer boards.



Being the smallest among our BASIC/C-programmable modules, the "vertical slice"