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DS1206 Programmable Controller

DS1206 Programmable Controller£83.00

10/100BaseT Ethernet Port

Compact (60x47x30mm)

Up to 3.5 serial channels

Superior upgrade to DS203.

Power input/output through RS232 port

Free serial-over-IP Tibbo BASIC application available

EM1001 Basic Programmable Ethernet Board

EM1001 Basic Programmable Ethernet Board£25.10

The EM1001 is Tibbo's most powerful and versatile BASIC-programmable Ethernet board.

Proton Development Suite

Proton Development Suite£125.00

The Proton Development Suite, includes the

  • Proton Plus Compiler
  • a comprehensive Integrated Development Environment
  • and Real Time Simulator for the Proton Development Boards.
PCB Drill 0.50mm x 5.5mm

PCB Drill 0.50mm x 5.5mm£1.95

0.50mm x 5.5mm ST Series PCB Drill, used for small through holes or via interconnectors. These bits are ideal for high density multilayer boards.

PCB Drill 0.80mm x 10.00mm

PCB Drill 0.80mm x 10.00mm£1.95

0.80mm x 10.00mm ST Series PCB Drill, are a universal drill bit witch can be used for many materials.

0.8 mm 1 oz single sided FR4 (12''x 9'')

0.8 mm 1 oz single sided FR4 (12"x 9")£3.10

9" x 12" 0.8 mm 1oz single sided FR4 Copper Board typically used in the manufacture of double sided PCB's with Plated Through Holes or Via's.