FR4 0.2 mm 1 oz double sided, Cut to 12"x 9"

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1/2 oz copper clad is typically used in the manufacture of double sided PCB's with Plated Through Holes or Via's. The 1oz refers to the thickness of the copper foil cladding. In low current digital applications either 1/2oz or 1oz can be used, for high current or very low resistance applications 1oz is often specified.

The copper clad is based on FR4 (Flame Retardant 4). FR-4 describes the board itself with no copper cladding. Bare FR-4 is yellow/green in colour. Typically FR-4 for PCB manufacture is clad in 1oz or 1oz copper foil.

FR-4 has excellent mechanical performance and good performance in dimension thickness.Copper cladded FR4 board material has an epoxy substrate with glass fiber enforcement, which is compliant with electroplating.

This is a non flammable sheet materiel, however fumes and dust may irritate skin and eyes and inhalation should be avoided to to the fiberglass nature of the sheet.

pre cut to 12" x 9" (30.48cm x 22.86cm)