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Sprays for Electronics

Specialist Aerosol sprays for Electronics Manufacture and Servicing.

Aerosol chemicals for Lubrication, Cleaning, Varnishing, Degreasing, Flux Removal, Cooling etc.

Manufactured by Due-Ci Electronic in Italy. Supplied to Public and military corporations, Due-Ci sprays are used for the maintenance of electric, electronic and mechanical equipment.

All Due-Ci products are filled and labelled according to the E.C. regulations.

The formula of Due-Ci sprays are produced with respect to the environment. Therefore Due-Ci sprays don’t contain either CFC or HCFC propellants or chlorinated solvents.

High quality and effectiveness characterise the whole range of Due-Ci sprays, the result of the attention to detail in development of the chemical formula and in sourcing raw-materials. Always utilising non flammable gases and allowing the user to understand each product through the Material Safety Data Sheets, available directly from Due-Ci