Pure Aluminium Drill Entry Board, Cut to 12" x 9"

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The main purpose of the entry material is to prevent drill breakage by centering the drill bit. In addition, the entry material helps avoid copper burrs, reduce contamination in the hole and on the drill bit, and prevent pressure foot marks from the drilling machine.

Although aluminum composites are typically the most expensive, they do a tremendous job improving accuracy and dissipating heat. In addition, they leave no hole contamination. Solid aluminum provides good burr suppression and no contamination, with only a slight increase in the risk of drill bit breakage for very small diameter drill bits.

As the auxiliary material for PCB drilling, the entry sheet facilitates:

  • Protection of the circuit board (protection of copper clad copper plate surface, or copper substrate conductive layer), to prevent the pressure foot pressure plate marking the board; 
  • Center the drill, Reduce run out of the drill bit so that the drill bit can be accurately positioned; to improve the hole accuracy, to prevent the broken drill;
  • Prevent the hole on the substrate burns;
  • Reduce the bit temperature; to reduce the wear and drill bit drills.