Metageek Bundle

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This package contains:

  • Chanalyzer6 License - 1Yr
  • Oscium WiPry Hardware
  • EdiMax USB for packet Capture

The Enterprise Solution

All the components required to enable Technicians and Wi-Fi consultants to carry out on-site troubleshooting and spectrum analysis.

The clean user interface, information drill-downs, and detailed data-gathering help Chanalyzer to identify and help resolve problematic client behavior and improve the Wi-Fi experience of users on your network. 

With WiPry Clarity hardware, Chanalyzer 6 users will have visibility into all three Wi-Fi bands: 2.4 GHz, 5 GHz, and the newest band, 6 GHz (also known as Wi-Fi 6e).

Using WiPry Clarity and Chanalyzer6, you can pinpoint the source of interference and get the most out of your WLAN, regardless of the complexity of your environment.

Chanalyzer 6 obtains packet captures from a 3x3 802.11ac adapter Edimax EW-7833UAC (included in this package)


  • Spectrum Analysis to Track Down RF Interference

  • Identify sources of airtime congestion

  • Find and follow any Wi-Fi device

  • Track drops, retries, and airtime congestion in real-time – with explanations

  • Troubleshoot Sticky Clients

  • Perform post-deployment WLAN optimizations

  • Packet Capture