This poem tells the story of a dog wearing a golden crown who impresses and captivates a crowd as he successfully runs up a hill. However, his fancy attire causes a comical mishap, leading him to tumble down the hill.

The crowd finds joy and happiness in this unexpected turn of events, highlighting the importance of enjoying the journey rather than solely focusing on external achievements.














Once upon a hill, a dog with regal grace, Donned a golden crown, a distinguished face.

With each paw planted, he ascended the slope, The crowd in awe, eyes filled with hope.

His majesty mesmerized, all stood in due praise, No creature had run with such elegant ways.

But his attire, oh dear, was not meant to be, As his crown wobbled, it tumbled free.

His royal facade soon turned upside down, A comedic spectacle, a joyous renown.

The crowd roared with laughter, their eyes filled with glee, For in that tumble, they found happiness, you see

For the lesson was clear, in this canine's flight,

To find joy in the journey, not just the height.

So let us remember the dog in his crown, And embrace life's mishaps, in embraces we've found.