IO Ninja Scripting Simplifies Hardware & Software Automation

One of IO Ninja’s most powerful features is scripting. Powered by the next-generation Jancy language, scripting facilitates test automation and verification for software and hardware. Scripting simplifies creating test logs and statistics and automating tasks, helping you develop test architectures and implement verification plans for complete end-to-end (E2E) testing.

Jancy requires no building and features high binary- and source-level compatibility with the C programming language. This boosts the effectiveness of application-script interactions and, in most cases, even allows you to copy-paste C code directly.

The video below shows a simple example of test automation using Tibbo's RS485 Modbus Sensors, also known as Bus Probes. In addition, it demonstrates log tagging and packet injection, history, and library — simple but extremely powerful features of IO Ninja.

To learn more about scripting in IO Ninja, check out the IO Ninja websiteforum, and scripting tutorials, and the Jancy documentation