Multilayer Prepreg, Cut to 12" x 9" (pack of 10)

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Prepreg materials are used to fabricate multilayer Printed Circuit Boards.

Prepreg is made of fiberglass or fabric that is pre-impregnated or reinforced with resin. The resin used for pre-impregnating the dielectric material is usually epoxy-based or partially cured polyimides. The thickness of the prepreg used in a multilayer board varies based on the overall thickness of the board.

In use prepreg laid up in a PCB stack. Once all the layers are arranged, the stack is subjected to high temperature and pressure, pressing them together to form a multilayer board. When heat and pressure are applied, the resin in the prepreg softens and flows through the PCB. After the stack cools down, the prepreg solidifies and binds everything together. Prepreg is the component in a PCB stack that holds the layers within the structure.

PrePreg layup Image

Our Prepreg offers excellent thermal resistance, due to the special resin system and the low coefficient of thermal expansion in the Z-axis. The glass transition temperature is 135°C and it takes over 60 minutes to delaminate the laminate at 260°C. The decomposition temperature is 315°C.

Key Features Include:

Reinforcement - Woven E-glass
Resin System - primary Difunctional epoxy
Flame Retardant Mechanism - Bromine epoxy resin
Glass Transition - 110°C – 150°C