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FR4Flexible Copper Clad

Flexible Copper Clad

FR4 Flexible Copper Clad

The world of electronics and printed circuit boards (PCBs) is continually evolving, driven by the demand for smaller, lighter, and more versatile electronic devices. In this pursuit, flexible PCB materials have emerged as a game-changer, offering unprecedented adaptability in designing and manufacturing electronics.

Understanding FR4Flex
FR4Flex is a flexible composite laminate designed specifically for use in flexible and rigid-flex PCB applications. These laminates are engineered to provide exceptional electrical and mechanical performance, while offering a high degree of flexibility.

Key Properties of FR4Flex

Flexibility: FR4Flex is exceptionally flexible, allowing PCBs to bend, twist, and conform to irregular shapes, making it ideal for applications where rigid PCBs would be impractical.
Excellent Electrical Performance: These laminates maintain superior electrical properties, ensuring reliable signal transmission and minimal signal loss. This makes them suitable for a wide range of applications, including high-frequency and high-speed designs.

Thermal Stability: FR4Flex retains its electrical and mechanical properties even at elevated temperatures. This thermal stability is essential for electronics that may experience heat during operation.

Chemical Resistance: The material exhibits excellent resistance to various chemicals, enhancing its durability and reliability in demanding environments.

Adhesive Bonding: FR4Flex features strong adhesive bonding between copper and polyimide layers, ensuring reliability and robust performance.

Applications of FR4Flex

The versatility and exceptional characteristics of FR4Flex have opened the door to various applications across industries, including:

Consumer Electronics: From flexible displays in smartphones to lightweight wearables, FR4Flex has enabled the creation of compact and flexible electronic devices that are a part of our daily lives.

Medical Devices: Flexible PCBs are used in medical devices like pacemakers and medical sensors, where conformability to the human body is essential.

Aerospace and Defense: The material's thermal stability and flexibility make it well-suited for aerospace applications, including satellite systems and avionics.

Automotive: Flexible PCBs made from Pyralux find use in modern vehicles, including advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) and infotainment systems.

Industrial Equipment: Industrial machinery and automation systems benefit from flexible PCBs that can adapt to complex designs and harsh operating conditions.

FR4Flex is a double-sided copper-clad laminate
featuring an adhesive-less, all-polyimide dielectric layer. This
material system is ideal for low layer count flexible printed circuits that require advanced material performance, excellent
temperature resistance, and high reliability. 

Key Features and Benefits
• Strong dielectric to Cu bond strength affords high reliability
• Excellent thermal resistance from all-polyimide dielectric
• Minimal variance in dielectric thickness for consistent circuitry performance
• Pass UL 94 test. UL File number is E161336
• RoHS Compliant

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