Chanalyzer 6 

Chanalyzer 6: The Better Channel Analyzer

The best Layer 1 and Layer 2 Wi-Fi Channel Analyzer

Chanalyzer 6 blends the best of MetaGeek tools into one super-tool. With the ability to capture all Wi-Fi traffic in real-time, Chanalyzer gives you the best analysis of a Wi-Fi channel, and every device on it.

Use Chanalyzer with your free MetaGeek account to open the first 5 minutes of packet captures for free, or subscribe to Chanalyzer for full-featured spectrum and traffic analysis. 

Chanalyzer 5 Vs Chanalyzer6 and What Happens to Chanalyzer 5?

Chanalyzer 6 + WiPry Clarity will enable tri-band spectrum analysis

Wi-Fi administrators trust MetaGeek solutions to provide visibility into the spectrum their devices use, no matter the band, so when Wi-Fi 6E came on to the scene, MetaGeek answered the call.

MetaGeek’s Wi-Spy DBx hardware, a dual-band spec-an favorite for over a decade, didn’t support 6 GHz, so they looked to their hardware partner Oscium for a solution. To continue to support our customers using Wi-Fi 6E and beyond, MetaGeek have integrated Chanalyzer 6 with Oscium’s WiPry Clarity hardware, which scans all three available Wi-Fi bands (2.4, 5, and 6 GHz). Chanalyzer 6 + WiPry Clarity is now a reliable affordable solution for tri-band spectrum analysis.

Video Introduction to Chanalyzer6

wi-spy chanalyzer

Spectrum Analysis to Track Down RF Interference 

With the addition of the WiPry Clarity USB spectrum analyzer hardware, Chanalyzer 6 shows you the interference causing slow, troublesome wireless in the 2.4, 5, and 6 GHz spectrum.

Identify sources of airtime congestion 

 Are your access points overlapping too much? Are neighboring networks creating co-channel congestion? Do you have “slow talker” client devices that are clogging up network traffic? Chanalyzer quickly locates airtime issues like these, helping you pinpoint offending devices so they can be reconfigured or eliminated to free up precious network bandwidth.

*Requires Compatible USB Network Card. 

Identify Congestion

Find and follow any Wi-Fi device 

Wireless endpoints roam, and when they do, they usually end up on a different channel. Chanalyzer can utilize multiple Wi-Fi adapters simultaneously; one to scan channels and locate the device, then another to follow it as it roams to other channels. This adapter tag-team approach means once Chanalyzer finds a device for you, you won’t lose it again.

Track drops, retries, and airtime congestion in real-time – with explanations  

 There are lots of reasons for why Wi-Fi connections get dropped, and sorting through all the potential causes of a disconnect requires a lot of background knowledge and even more time combing through packet traffic.

Chanalyzer saves technicians hours of time by identifying Wi-Fi connection issues and plotting them on the unified time graph, leaving you no doubt as to when the event occurred, what the event was, and which device was affected.

If you can see it, you can fix it! 

Track Drops

Troubleshoot Sticky Clients

The “sticky client problem” occurs when an endpoint should roam to the nearest access point but doesn’t, and can be a frustrating user experience. By graphing changes in data rate and RSSI while following an endpoint around the environment, Chanalyzer can find sticky clients and tell you exactly which AP needs conf

Perform post-deployment WLAN optimizations 

After deploying a new network or making large-scale configuration changes, use Chanalyzer to easily create benchmark documentation of post-deployment wireless traffic and as-expected roaming behaviors.

Save your capture as a .tonic file for the next technician or as a leave-behind at the customer site. Chanalyzer captures can be opened and viewed by anyone with a (free) My MetaGeek account. 

Post Deployment

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