Chanalyzer 5 vs Chanalyzer 6

Chanalyzer 6 is the most complete package
for any engineer doing spectrum and Wi-Fi analysis.

5 Vs 6

Here are the new additions:

Spectrum capture and playback
Support for WiPry Clarity (2.4, 5 and 6 GHz USB Spectrum Analyzer) *6 GHz support is still in development.
Wi-Fi traffic capture via USB NIC (up to 3 simultaneous)

When Wi-Fi issues force users to purchase tools, often they are stuck deciding whether they need to troubleshoot Layer 1 (spectrum) or Layer 2 (802.11 frames). The reality is, they probably need both. Chanalyzer 6 captures and plays back both in a single file.

What happens to Chanalyzer 5?

Chanalyzer 5 will eventually sunset, but not today!

If you’re already using Chanalyzer 5, please feel free to continue using it. We recommend giving Chanalyzer 6 a try though!

The Wi-Spy DBx is no longer available for purchase. Customers purchasing the WiPry Clarity will use Chanalyzer 6.

Customers that have Chanalyzer 5 from an Enterprise Suite subscription will automatically gain entitlement to Chanalyzer 6. Enjoy!

Customers that previously purchased a Wi-Spy and wish to upgrade to Chanalyzer 6 should contact MetaGeek Support as we will be able to offer a discount for users trading in their old license.

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money in shipping and import costs.
- We ship from UK Stock.
- We are real people that use MetaGeek Products.
- We adhere to the UK Distance selling regulations.

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