Carbide micro Drills

We hold stock of MV Series microDrills.  0.1 - 0.25mm. The MV Series are made of hyper fine grade carbide alloy to ensure they are robust. 

Depth Setting Rings
We recommend that bits are fitted with depth setting rings. This will allow you to set the plunge depth stop on your drill press to a single value that will work for all bit diameters.
All of our bits can be purchased with or without rings. When ordering drills with depth rings, you may specify the depth ring position to suit your requirements.

Due to the brittleness of carbide these drill bits are recommended for use with drill presses or precision equipment.
Care must be taken not to drop or flex them as breakage may occur.

micro Drilling

We explore the crucial precautions to take when using these micro drills for drilling copper-clad FR4 circuit boards. We'll delve into the significance of entry and exit materials, the impact of spindle runout, and the importance of the correct plunge rate.

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