Our Tungsten Carbide printed circuit board routers come with a 1 / 8″ (3.175mm) shank. With their special chip breaker geometry, they ensure efficient swarf removal, resulting in a remarkable reduction in radial load and a superior surface finish. These carbide routers are perfect for contour routing and aperture cut outs on electronic circuit boards.

We hold stock of SC Series Routers; these Routers have a right hand, up draft design which lifts debris upwards out of the hole being drilled rather than allowing it to fall into the hole causing the bit to bind and break. These Routers also feature a chip-breaker geometry, this chops the swarf into smaller parts and helps to reduce the radial load on the spiral flute this reducing bird nesting and binding and general wear producing more accurately cut, cleaner edged holes.

The SC Series Routers are suitable for peripheral contour routing. And this series have a beneficial effect on burr reduction.

The life of the router is dependent on a number of factors including feed rate, speed, material characteristics, and what the user considers acceptable milling quality. Combines we may consider this to be Chip Load. Due to the brittleness of carbide these drill bits are recommended for use with drill presses or precision equipment. Care must be taken not to drop or flex them as breakage may occur.

To ensure consistent plunge depth for all bit diameters, we suggest using depth setting rings when fitting your bits. You can easily set the plunge depth stop on your drill press to a single value.

All of our router bits are available with or without rings, and you can customise the depth ring position to meet your needs.

Bit Types

Router milling bits, types, dimensions, and the crucial role of rotation direction.

Choosing the Correct Bit

Choosing the appropriate router bit for your project is paramount to achieving desired results.

UpCut and DownCut

We explore the use of Upcut and Downcut CNC router bits.

Understanding Chip Load

A crucial parameter is chip load and its relationship to feed rate and spindle RPM

We offer a wide range of Router sizes from stock, ranging from 0.5mm through to 3.0mm. Running on 3.15mm 1/8" shanks

Our Routers can operate at upto 80,000 RPM. You should run the drill as fast as possible whilst not exceeding the maximum rated speed. Plunge rate and dwell time should be adjusted to provide best hole quality and minimal burr.

Refer to the Technical Data Sheet for specific recommendations.

Yes, we offer a ring setting service. We can fit rings to your drills at the time of purchase. We will keep a record of your drill ring distances, so that upon re-order, we can set the rings to the same position. Review our drill ring setting page.

We do not offer this service.

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