FR4 Copper Clad

This PCB material, made from FR4 glass fiber laminate and copper clad, is ideal for CNC isolation routing/drilling machines, dry film laminators, screen printed resists, etch resist transfers and ink resist pen.

1/2oz copper clad is typically used in the manufacture of double sided PCB's with Plated Through Holes or Via's. The 1/2 refers to the thickness of the copper foil cladding. Typically 1/2oz board is processed and plated upto 1oz during the manufacture process.

In low current digital applications either 1/2oz or 1oz can be used, for high current or very low resistance applications 1oz is often specified.
We stock standard thickness of PCBs 1.57 mm (1.6mm) -  0.78 mm (0.8mm) and 0.2mm. Our standard board size is 12" x 9", but we can cut boards to any size from the raw 8ft x 4 ft sheet.

The copper clad is based on FR4 (Flame Retardant 4). FR-4 describes the board itself with no copper cladding. Bare FR-4 is yellow/green in colour.

FR-4 has excellent mechanical performance and good performance in dimension thickness.
Copper cladded FR4 board material has an epoxy substrate with glass fiber enforcement, which is compliant with electroplating.

This is a non flammable sheet materiel, however fumes and dust may irritate skin and eyes and inhalation should be avoided to to the fiberglass nature of the sheet. 

FR4 PCB material is highly abrasive and requires the use of specialist end mills and drills. PCB Supplies provides the highest of quality tools made of high grade Tungsten Carbide which feature very high cutting performances whilst maintaining the tightest production tolerances.

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Our FR4 laminates

FR4 is a widely used substrate material for PCBs,  Kingboard KB-6160 is a specific variant of FR4 material. Here are some of the benefits of using Kingboard KB-6160 FR4 for your PCB:

Excellent Electrical Insulation: FR4 is known for its excellent electrical insulation properties. It has a high dielectric strength, which means it can prevent electrical leakage and interference between different components on the PCB. This property is crucial for maintaining signal integrity and preventing short circuits.

Good Thermal Stability: Kingboard KB-6160 FR4 has good thermal stability, making it suitable for applications that generate heat, such as power electronics. It can withstand elevated temperatures without significant degradation of its electrical properties, ensuring the long-term reliability of the PCB.

Mechanical Strength: FR4 is a rigid material that provides mechanical strength to the PCB. It can withstand mechanical stress, such as bending and vibration, without breaking or deforming. This durability is important for applications that require a robust PCB, such as aerospace and automotive electronics.

High Dimensional Stability: FR4 materials like Kingboard KB-6160 have a high level of dimensional stability, which means they do not easily expand or contract with changes in temperature and humidity. This property is important for maintaining the accuracy and precision of electronic components mounted on the PCB.

Cost-Effective: FR4 is a cost-effective PCB material compared to some of the alternatives. Its widespread use and availability in the market contribute to its affordability, making it a preferred choice for a wide range of electronic applications.

Ease of Manufacturing: PCBs made from Kingboard KB-6160 FR4 are relatively easy to manufacture. They can be fabricated using standard PCB manufacturing processes, which are well-established and widely available in the industry.

Compatibility: FR4 is compatible with a wide range of electronic components, soldering techniques, and assembly processes. It is a versatile material that can be used in various applications, from simple consumer electronics to complex high-frequency and high-speed digital designs.

Flame Retardant Properties: FR4 materials typically have flame-retardant properties, which means they are resistant to catching fire and can help improve the safety of electronic devices.

Environmental Considerations: Kingboard KB-6160 FR4 is often compliant with environmental regulations, such as RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances), making it a more environmentally friendly choice for PCBs.

KB-6160 is an excellent value laminate for standard double sided PWB manufacture.
This material meets the IPC4101/21 slash sheet and has excellent UVB to prevent light transfer during imaging.
Mechanical and heat resistance properties are ideally suited for manufacturing reliable quality rigid PWBs.

Tg for PCBs

For PCBs, the Tg corresponds to the temperature at which fiberglass becomes amorphous during lamination at high temperatures and under pressure of the different material layers.
It is not the PCB maximum operating temperature, but rather that which the PCBA can endure for a short time before it deteriorates. If the PCB’s operating temperature exceeds its Tg for an extended period of time, the PCB will change from glassy state to rubbery state and its performance will be affected. Tg guarantees the mechanical stability and proper functioning of the PCB during its life time.

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