VisiWave Site Survey
& Site Survey Pro

VisiWave is easy to use but effective at analyzing, describing, and documenting your Wi-Fi wireless network.

VisiWave Site Survey has been on the market for over 19 years and has customers in over 80 countries around the world.

Use VisiWave Site Survey To:
 - Collect Wireless Data On A Map
 - Visualize and Analyze Your Wireless Coverage
 - Create Wi-Fi Reports


Video Introduction to VisiWave

VisiWave Site Survey 

A complete 802.11a/b/g/n/ac site surveying solution. You collect survey data using a standard wireless adapter while walking around the survey area clicking on a floor plan image or using a GPS receiver to track your location. VisiWave quickly and automatically maps out radio characteristics in the survey area using either the included reporting application or by integrating with Google Earth. These allow you to easily assess your overall Wi-Fi coverage and to drill into great detail on specific areas of interest.

VisiWave is an effective tool for performing surveys inside buildings, outside on campuses, city-wide hotspots, already deployed wireless networks, or pre-deployment sites.


Visualize Your Wireless Network™

Easily perform professional wireless site surveys. Analyze your WiFi network, create coverage heatmaps, see coverage voids, view channel usage/overlap, and more.

WiFi wireless networks are everywhere. They are a critical component of most business infrastructures. They need to be examined, explained, and held accountable. VisiWave Site Survey is the software tool that shows you what's going on inside your 802.11 network. VisiWave Site Survey provides advanced data collection and visualization capabilities that form a complete wireless LAN site survey solution that allows you to visualize the radio waves and demonstrate the effectiveness of your Wi-Fi coverage.

Analyze Every Detail of Your WiFi Coverage 

VisiWave Site Survey collects detailed data on your network and surrounding networks and then visualizes that data. Each view is designed to reveal critical details about your network in an intuitive and informative way. With VisiWave Site Survey, you can: reveal coverage voids, map any signal leakage from your building, discover the existence and location of rogue access points, map channel usage, determine effects of neighboring access points, visualize overlapping access point coverage, and much more.

VisiWave data Collection

Simple and Fast Data Collection

VisiWave Site Survey provides three effective methods for capturing data making data collection quick and easy:

One point at a time
Continuous walks through the survey area
And GPS positioning for outdoor surveys

Powerful Report Generation

With VisiWave Site Survey, you can create custom reports or re-use report templates to visualize your coverage, or interactively view your coverage data in Google Earth.

VisiWave Reports
VisiWave Pro

Predictive Surveys (Pro)

VisiWave Site Survey Pro adds the ability to perform predictive site surveys. A predictive survey is when you describe the barriers (walls and other solid objects) in the survey area along with the location and characteristics of one or more access points and then run a theoretical simulation of how radio waves would propagate through the survey area. The result is a coverage heatmap that estimates signal strengths.

This can be done without leaving your desk long before the survey area even exists in the real world.

 - Doing a site survey when you can't be on site
 - Surveying buildings that haven't been built yet
 - Doing what-if analysis for existing areas that can't be easily modified

Optimal Radio Placement

VisiWave Pro has the ability to suggest where you should place access points when you are doing predictive surveys.

You specify an area's barriers (walls) and tell VisiWave how many APs you think you need in that survey area and it then determines its best estimate of where you should install APs.

You can also highlight "priority areas" in the survey area. For example, an area of desks or tables where many people often need Wi-Fi could be marked as a priority area.

VisiWave then runs its algorithm putting priority on coverage in the priority areas.

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