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Wi-Spy DBX

The Wi-Spy DBx is a compact USB dongle-style device that can scan frequency ranges between 2.400 and 2.495 GHz or 5.150 and 5.850 at a resolution of 24 kHz to 3 MHz, and has an amplitude range of -100dBm to -6.5 dBm at a resolution of .5 dBm. The DBx sports an RP-SMA antenna jack, so you have the option to replace the standard external omnidirectional antenna with a higher gain or directional antenna if required.

Designed to operate with Chanalyzer.

Plug in the Wi-Spy DBx and Start the Chanalyzer application, and in within seconds you’re presented with three different graphs

  • Spectral - The spectral view lets you see the historical view of wireless spectrum use at a point in time
  • Topographic - Particularly useful for determining the presence of interfering devices, topographic view emphasizes which frequencies are the busiest across the entire spectr
  • Planar - the planar view reports the current, average, and maximum signal amplitude for each wireless frequency

Chanalyzer also provides a useful library of RF signatures which can make identifying an offending device easier by letting you overlay the wireless emission pattern of common interference-causing devices onto the topographic view

In all Chanalyzer enables a very comprehensive visualisation of your wireless landscape allowing you to Monitor your WiFi network in real time, visualize RF congestion, locate sources of interference, monitor channel saturation, and detect intermittent interferers.

(Requires Chanalyzer or TamoGraph Pro software)

 - Locate Sources of Interference

 - Monitor Channel Usage and Interference

 - Report Your Findings