Wi-Spy Does not Transmit

"Does Wi-Spy transmit any signals?"

"Does Wi-Spy have a transmitter, or does it cause any RF activity?"

Wi-Fi adapters have a transceiver, which means they can transmit and receive.

Wi-Spy is a spectrum analyzer, which means that it is receive only. There is no transmitter, so Wi-Spy only listens to radio frequency activity.

Wi-Spy Does not Store Data

Wi-Spy also does not store data. There is no user data storage on the device. There is only a small amount of memory for occasional firmware updates that can only be performed automatically by Chanalyzer 5. The user can not store data on the device.

Included Models

This behavior applies to all Wi-Spy models that have been produced by MetaGeek.

  • Wi-Spy Mini
  • Wi-Spy 2.4x
  • Wi-Spy DBx
  • Wi-Spy 900x (discontinued)
  • Wi-Spy 2.4i (legacy, discontinued)
  • Wi-Spy Original (legacy, discontinued)