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Being the smallest among our BASIC/C-programmable modules, the "vertical slice"

GA1000 Wi-Fi SPI Module

GA1000 Wi-Fi SPI Module£22.00   £12.00

RJ203 Jack/Magnetics Module

RJ203 Jack/Magnetics Module£5.00   £2.50

SALE: To Clear  The RJ203 is an "Ethernet front-end" module that contains 10/100BaseT Ethernet magnetics and a standard RJ45 jack.


WA1000£32.00   £12.00

SALE: To clear
WM2000 Programmable Wireless IIoT Module

WM2000 Programmable Wireless IIoT Module£14.75

The WM2000 is the first programmable wireless Industrial IoT (IIoT) module offered by Tibbo.

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Page 2 of 2:    17 Items