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RS485 Modbus Sensors (Bus Probes)

RS485 Modbus Sensors (Bus Probes)

Part Number:  04000
Brand:  TIBBO



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Bus Probes are a family of environment sensors with an RS485 interface. The Probes communicate using standard Modbus RTU protocol. At the moment, Tibbo offers four types of probes: the ambient temperature sensor (BP#01), ambient temperature and humidity sensor (BP#02), ambient light sensor (BP#03), and 3-axis accelerometer (BP#04). Bus Probes are typically wired to a twisted pair cable, which distributes power and carries RS485 "+" and "-" lines. All probes accept the supply voltage in the 4V to 15V range. This allows you to power them from 5V sources (for example, the 5V output of the Tibbit #00-3), as well as standard 12V power supplies. Wide supply voltage range also means that you can allow for a significant voltage drop along the bus, i.e., use a bus cable of considerable length. BP sensors are very compact (external dimensions only 40 x 36mm) and sport an attractive look and feel. Each sensor has two mounting holes for attaching it to walls and other surfaces. Bus Probes can be configured and tested using our web-based test app (you will need to connect the Probes to your PC via our Web485 board). Tibbo supplies a BP-Test-Web-Kit containing four BP sensors (one of each kind), a Web485 board, and necessary cables. Tibbo also supplies two TPS2(G2)-compatible Tibbo BASIC applications enabling the setup and testing of Bus Probes. In addition, we offer BP-Test-Kit Test Kits  that include four BP sensors (one of each kind), a TPS2L(G2) device running a preloaded BP-Tester-UI app, and necessary cables.