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EM 500 BASIC Programmable Ethernet Module

EM 500 BASIC Programmable Ethernet Module£22.00

The EM500 is a miniature stand-alone BASIC-programmable embedded module, designed to be used in combination with a standard LED/magnetics RJ45 jack. The combined footprint of the EM500 and a standard jack is only 28.5x18.5mm.

EM1000 Starter Kit

EM1000 Starter Kit£65.00

This Kit contains all the necessary accessories for a fast and convenient evaluation of the EM1000 BASIC-programmable Ethernet Module in the 4-port serial device server application:

EM1001 Basic Programmable Ethernet Board

EM1001 Basic Programmable Ethernet Board£25.00

The EM1001 is Tibbo's most powerful and versatile BASIC-programmable Ethernet board.

EM203 + RJ203 03 Module Combination

EM203 + RJ203 03 Module Combination£34.00

RJ203+EM203-03(with programmable function)

EM203 + RJ203 02 Module Combination

EM203 + RJ203 02 Module Combination£35.50

RJ203+EM203-02(with fixed firmware)

The RJ203 can also be used in combination with the EM203 module.

EM1206 & RJ203

EM1206 & RJ203£35.00

The EM1206 is a compact Tibbo BASIC/C-programmable IoT Module with Ethernet, as well as optional Wi-Fi* and GPRS** connectivity. The EM1206 has four UARTs.

In combination with the RJ203 jack/magnetics front end (shown), the EM1206 forms a complete programmable Ethernet node occupying only 34.4x20mm (1.35x0.79") of the host board's space.

EM120 -04 Serial to Ethernet Module

EM120 -04 Serial to Ethernet Module£28.00   £15.00

SALE : To Clear The EM120 second-generation serial-to-Ethernet module is an upgrade of Tibbo's original [EM100]((/products/modules/em100.html) device.

EM1202 BASIC Programmable Ethernet & RJ1202 Companion Ethernet Connect

EM1202 BASIC Programmable Ethernet & RJ1202 Companion Ethernet Connect£15.00

This serial device server and Ethernet module provides a fast efficient way of adding ethernet funtionality to your embeded design.

EM1202 BASIC programmable Ethernet Module

EM1202 BASIC programmable Ethernet Module£13.00

Maintains most of the EM1000's features, while dramatically reducing required host PCB space.

EM1206 BASIC Programmable Ethernet Module

EM1206 BASIC Programmable Ethernet Module£16.50

A miniature, yet powerful BASIC-programmable module. Best used with the RJ203 Ethernet front-end (also compatible with standard jack/magnetics).

EM200 Ethernet Module

EM200 Ethernet Module£33.00

The EM200 is Tibbo's second-generation serial-to-Ethernet module.



The EM2001 is a Tibbo BASIC/C-programmable IoT board with Ethernet, as well as optional Wi-Fi* and GPRS** connectivity.

GA1000 Wi-Fi SPI Module

GA1000 Wi-Fi SPI Module£22.00   £12.00


WA1000£32.00   £12.00

SALE: To clear
WM2000 Programmable Wireless IIoT Module

WM2000 Programmable Wireless IIoT Module£14.75

The WM2000 is the first programmable wireless Industrial IoT (IIoT) module offered by Tibbo.

DS1206N Evaluation Board

DS1206N Evaluation Board£45.00

SALE: To Clear  A compact BASIC-programmable board. Small enough to be used in production devices. 10/100BaseT Ethernet, multi-channel serial port with optional power input/output. Three versions offering various serial port and power options.

EM1202-EV BASIC Programmable Ethernet Board

EM1202-EV BASIC Programmable Ethernet Board£52.00   £25.00

SALE: To Clear A compact BASIC-programmable board based on the EM1202 module. 10/100BaseT Ethernet, multi-channel serial port.

EM2000EV Development Board

EM2000EV Development Board£23.00

EM2000EV Development Board This evaluation board offers the bare essentials required for testing the EM2000 Tibbo BASIC/C-programmable IoT module.

Web232 Board

Web232 Board£35.00

The Web232 board works as a standard USB-to-RS232 adaptor, but with WebUSB support.

Web485: WebUSB-to-RS485 Board

Web485: WebUSB-to-RS485 Board£35.00

The Web485 board works as a standard USB-to-RS485 adaptor, but with WebUSB support.

WM2000EV Evaluation Kit

WM2000EV Evaluation Kit

The WM2000EV is a great starting point for evaluating the capabilities of the WM2000, Tibbo's programmable Wi-Fi/BLE module.

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