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Delivery charges

Delivery charges£8.50

Misc Delivery Charge
Order only if instructed by

Misc payment

Misc payment£1.00

Payment of 1 pound or multiples of 1 pound

Misc payment 10p

Misc payment 10p£0.10

Payment of 10p or multiples of 10p/p>

Misc payment 50p

Misc payment 50p£0.50

Payment of 50p or multiples of 50p/p>

Pig tails for NX

Pig tails for NX£15.00   £12.00

Replacement pigtails for AirPcap NX

UPS Courier service£25.00

UPS Reduced Service charge


USB Hub£15.00   £10.00

USB Hub allowing multiple USB devices to be plugged into one macheine.


Page 1 of 1:    7 Items