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What is MetaCare?

All Chanalyzer and Eye P.A. licenses include a 1 year subscription to our MetaCare Software Assurance plan, which entitles you to free updates and support during the duration of the subscription.

When does MetaCare start?

MetaCare starts when you activate Chanalyzer or Eye P.A. for the first time.

What happens when MetaCare runs out?

When the subscription expires, you can still continue to use Chanalyzer or Eye P.A., you just won't be able to upgrade to newer versions or receive official support, as newer versions include bug fixes. We'll still try to be helpful if you contact support , but we do suggest that you renew MetaCare.

What if my MetaCare has been expired for awhile?

The new MetaCare extension adds to the day that MetaCare expired, instead of adding to today.

Purchase a MetaCare Extension

You can buy Metacare extensions for 1, 2 or 3 years, after your purchase, you will receive a single-use key, which will extend your subscription.

How do I apply a MetaCare key?

When you purchase a MetaCare extension, we'll email it to you ( UK only) ,  or the license key printed on a card will be posted to you.

1. Run Chanalyzer or Eye P.A.

2. Make sure that Chanalyzer/Eye P.A. is already activated with your base key (don't try to use a MetaCare key on a machine that has never been activated before)

3. Click on Help Register.

4. Copy and paste your MetaCare key, and click Register.

5. You won't need to use your MetaCare key again, even if you activate Chanalyzer or Eye P.A. on a different machine.