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Who are we?

Crownhill is privately owned company founded in 1994 by Lester Wilson and his wife Beryl. Crownhill has a wide online presence and through its online shop sells components and software used by Businesses, Hobbyists and Colleges to design and build electronic products.

What do we do?

At Crownhill, we work in a range of fields including electronic design and development, PCB prototyping, enclosure manufacture and project consultancy. We specialise in designing unique electronic development systems, electronic components, smart cards and embedded microcontroller systems.

Our thoroughness and in depth focus on real customer needs, combined with strong technical abilities has led to steady growth and success in providing solutions to our clients.

We have had the privilege of building strong relationships with our clients in several areas, allowing us to develop comprehensive solutions for, amongst others:

    Universites and colleges in the UK and overseas.
    UK government bodies and international government departments.
    The ARRP and The RSGB
    NASA and Microsoft
    OIL GAS and Aerospace Industry leaders
    Volvo, Ford Research, GPT, Philips, Orange, Vodaphone, 1-2-1 (now T-Mobile), Ericsson, Kenwood, Marconi and Motorola.
    Knowledge-intensive industries including professional services companies.
    Publishers and media

Customer Satisfaction is our ultimate goal. We realise that without our customers, our company will not exist. Unlike larger companies with layers of bureaucracy, we take a refreshing customer oriented approach. You ask for it, and we deliver. It's that simple...The way business should be.

We invite you to take the opportunity to contact us, so we may be able to demonstrate our approach to business. We have strong skills in a wide range of areas, including consulting, software development, hardware design, networking, electronic communications and the internet, training and user support. We are also supported and enriched by our selected local and international business partners.

We operate ISO9001:2000 compliant procedures

  •     Emphasizing the need to monitor customer satisfaction
  •     Meeting the need for more user-friendly documents and web sites
  •     Assuring consistency between quality management system requirements and guidelines
Top Sellers
EM203 + RJ203 02 Module Combination

EM203 + RJ203 02 Module Combination£35.50

RJ203+EM203-02(with fixed firmware)

The RJ203 can also be used in combination with the EM203 module.

End Mill 2.00mm diameter with ring

End Mill 2.00mm diameter with ring£10.50

2.00mm diameter End Mill with ring, used to mill large paths in the FR4 board material.

End Mill 0.20mm

End Mill 0.20mm£24.00

0.20mm End Mill, used to mill large paths in the FR4 board material.
End Mill 0.10mm

End Mill 0.10mm£24.00

0.10mm End Mill, used to mill large paths in the FR4 board material.

Metageek Bundle

Metageek Bundle£1,320.00

Enterprise Solution

  • Chanalyzer 6
  • Oscium Wi-Pry
  • Edimax AC1750


Spectrum Analyzer with Wi-Fi 6/6E Support.

Professional clarity for the wireless pro:

Wi-Fi 6/6E spectrum analyzer with legacy support (2.4 & 5 GHz)
Visualizes all RF signals (2.4-2.5 GHz, 5.145-5.860 GHz & 5.925-7.125 GHz)
Scan & Troubleshoot Wi-Fi
PC & Mac Support
Compatible software partners (including site survey)

#002 Three direct I/O lines and ground

#002 Three direct I/O lines and ground£1.80

Three directly exposed I/O lines of the microcontroller plus the ground line.

#003 Two direct I/O lines, +5V power, ground

#003 Two direct I/O lines, +5V power, ground£1.80

Two directly exposed I/O lines of the microcontroller plus the +5V output and ground lines.

#01 Four-line RS232 port£6.75

Simple RS232 port with only TX, RX, RTS, and CTS lines.