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Where Can I Download Wi-Spy Drivers

"Where can I download Wi-Spy Drivers?"

Wi-Spy uses an HID driver that a built-in to Windows, so no extra drivers are required. All that is needed is the correct software.

Wi-Spy will show up in Device Manager as an "HID Device" or similar.

Wi-Spy Software

Wi-Spy DBx Chanalyzer 5 or inSSIDer Office
Wi-Spy 2.4x Chanalyzer 5 or inSSIDer Office
Wi-Spy Mini inSSIDer Office
Wi-Spy 900x (Discontinued) Chanalyzer 5 + Lab Accessory (Recommended)
Wi-Spy 2.4i (Legacy) Chanalyzer Lite
Wi-Spy Original (Legacy) Chanalyzer 2