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How to use device Finder

Device Finder is a feature in Chanalyzer that you can use to physically locate narrowband transmitters.

The Device Finder view shows a signal strength over time graph similar to the Networks Graph, but also shows the signal strength of a selected frequency range. Device Finder will enable you to actively seek out transmitters so you can know exactly what is happening around your network.


Narrowband transmitters are devices that create a constant signature in the spectrum that is less than about 10 MHz wide with a strong amplitude. Cordless phones, baby monitors, wireless audio systems, and wireless video cameras typically create narrowband signatures in the spectrum. These devices can be located with Device Finder.


Direct Sequence and Frequency-Hopping

Direct Sequence transmitters make generally curved shape in the spectrum with low amplitude. Since they can cover 20 MHz of spectrum or more, and since the amplitude is usually lower, Device Finder doesn't locate them as easily.


Frequency-hopping transmitters move from channel to channel, and can't be tracked by Device Finder.

Device Finder Directional Antenna Accessory


An omni-directional antenna (like the one that comes on Wi-Spy) can be used, or the Device Finder directional antenna accessory can be attached to Wi-Spy for more accurate results. Instead of listening in all directions with the included omni-directional antenna, the Device Finder gives directionality, so you can look in specific directions for the device that is causing interference.

Note: Since Wi-Spy is receive-only, it is safe to switch out the omni-directional antenna for the Device Finder Antenna while the Wi-Spy is active.


1. Click and drag in the Density view to select the signature of the device that you want to find. Release the mouse button, and select Device Finder.

2. Optional: clean up your selection with the Selection Handles.

3. Click the Checkbox button to begin Device Finder Mode. Chanalyzer will now open the Device Finder view.


4. The Device Finder tab shows the amplitude (signal strength) over time for the area that is selected in the Density View.

5. As you move around, the Amplitude Graph will rise and fall.

  • If the signal strength graph moves up, you are moving in the right direction
  • If the signal strength graph moves down, you are moving in the wrong direction

6. The Stacked Bar Graph on the right also visualize amplitude trends

  • Blue shows the current amplitude (signal strength) of the device
  • Red shows the peak amplitude of the device (the more red, the worse)



7. When you locate the offending device and unplug it, the amplitude graph will fall to nearly "zero".

8. Click the X in the upper right to close Device Finder mode.