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Chanalyzer 5 Upgrade

With the release of Chanalyzer 5, the Chanalyzer 4/Pro/Lab family of products has reached end-of-life.

Chanalyzer Pro/Lab keys do not work in Chanalyzer 5. 

Chanalyzer 5 Improvements

"Should I upgrade to Chanalyzer 5?"

"What has been improved in Chanalyzer 5?"

  • Revamped Wi-Fi Scanning (including 802.11ac support)
  • Waterfall Navigation is standard (no Pro version required)
  • Optional Cisco CleanAir Software Accessory (£96.00)
  • Optional Lab Accessory (£96.00)
  • Optional Report Builder (£96.00, free when upgrading from Pro)
  • Drastically Improved Report Builder Output
  • Drag and drop recordings and report files into Chanalyzer
  • Optional outdoor color scheme for outdoor viewing
  • Dual-band visibility with two Wi-Spy devices
  • Improved licensing system
  • New Device Finder mode
  • MetaCare software assurance plan: Includes 1 year of free software updates, with extensions being about $100 per year
  • ESSID and Radio Grouping (Added May 2014)
  • Cisco/Aruba AP Names (Added mid June 2014)
  • Waterfall Notes (Added late June 2014)
  • AP Aliasing (Added late June 2014)
  • Dual-band mode with a Wi-Spy DBx (Added November 2014)
  • Automatic Session Splitting (Added November 2014)
  • ...and more to come!

Upgrade Paths

For a limited time, steeply discounted upgrades for both Chanalyzer 4 and Chanalyzer Pro are available.

Chanalyzer 4 users can upgrade to Chanalyzer 5 here.

Chanalyzer Pro users can upgrade to Chanalyzer 5 here.

Chanalyzer Lab users can utilize the Pro upgrade path, and add the Lab accessory.

Support for Chanalyzer 4/Pro/Lab Family

Chanalyzer 4, Pro, and Lab family of products have reached their end-of-life, and will no longer receive updates or official support.

Recording Compatibility

Chanalyzer 4/Pro/Lab recordings can be opened in Chanalyzer 5.

Chanalyzer 5 will convert the Chanalyzer 4/Pro/Lab recording to the Chanalyzer 5 format, while leaving a .original file in the source directory. 

Chanalyzer 5 recordings can not be opened in Chanalyzer 4/Pro/Lab.