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Serial to Ethernet - TIBBO

Tibbo Controllers

Tibbo Controllers

BASIC-programmable controllers, offering a comprehensive range of features.

Hardware Sniffers for IO Ninja

Hardware Sniffers for IO Ninja

Introducing IO Ninja


TIBBO Project System (TPS)

TIBBO Project System (TPS)

The Tibbo Project System (TPS) is a highly configurable and affordable industrial automation platform. Its flexibility is based on Tibbits® — miniature electronic blocks that implement specific I/O features. Need a particular I/O function? Install the right Tibbit. Have no use for something? There is no need to have it on your device.

This module-based approach saves you money by allowing you to precisely define the features you want in your programmable controller.

With TPS, we have completely rethought not just the hardware, but also the configuration and ordering process. Read on and see for yourself!

Tibbit® Blocks

Tibbits® (as in "Tibbo Bits") are blocks of prepackaged I/O functionality housed in brightly colored rectangular shells. It is the Tibbit blocks that give our Tibbo Project System (TPS) its flexibility. This page lists all available Tibbits. To learn more about Tibbo classification and general properties

Featured Products
Serial Tap +  Personal license for IO Ninja

Serial Tap + Personal license for IO Ninja£199.00

This is the standard package for purchasing a Serial Tap.

Included is a USB-C cable, two DB9 gender-changers, and a single-user licence for IO Ninja.

DS1202 Basic Programmable Controller

DS1202 Basic Programmable Controller£73.00   £45.00

SALE : To Clear BASIC-programmable external controller. One 100BaseT Ethernet port, 3.5 serial channels on a single RS232 port, very compact dimensions. Onboard flash disk, EEPROM.
Can be used as a serial device server — Tibbo BASIC serial-over-IP application available for free.

DS1102 Basic Programmable

DS1102 Basic Programmable£88.00

The DS1102 is a compact BASIC-programmable controller targeting serial-over-IP and serial control applications.