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Elnec Memory Programmer

Elnec Memory Programmer£100.00

MEMprog2 supports virtually all memory types - EPROM, EEPROM, NVRAM, Flash EPROM and serial EEPROM - including low voltage types. MEMprog2 isn't only a programmer, but also a static RAM tester. Provides very competitive price with excellent hardware design for reliable programming.

DIL28/SOIC28 ZIF 300 mil

DIL28/SOIC28 ZIF 300 mil£32.50

DIL28/TSOP28 ZIF 11.8mm

DIL28/TSOP28 ZIF 11.8mm£25.00

  • assigned for Flash EPROMs in TSOP28 package
  • package body width 11.8mm (465 mil), pins lead pitch 22 mil = 0.022 inch (0.55mm)
  • accessory for SmartProg, PREPROM-02aLV, PREPROM-02
DIL40/TSOP40 ZIF-CS 12.4mm

DIL40/TSOP40 ZIF-CS 12.4mm£34.00

universal converter, assigned for all TSOP devices (mainly FLASH EPROM) up to 40-pins, 12,4mm body width (490 mil)


DIL20/PLCC20 ZIF£34.00

universal converter, assigned for all PLCC20-pin devices


DIL24/PLCC28 ZIF PLD-1£34.00

  • assigned for PAL/GAL in PLCC28 (24 pin in DIL)
  • NC pins 1, 8, 15 and 22
  • accessory for al DIL-PLD programmers (e.g. PREPROM-02aLV with GAL-LV module)

DIL40/PLCC44 ZIF AWM- 1£35.00

adapter DIL40/PLCC44 ZIF AWM- 1
Elnec part no 700093

DIL40/PLCC68 Zif DS87C550

DIL40/PLCC68 Zif DS87C550£32.50

DIL48/SSOP56 ZIF Flash-3

DIL48/SSOP56 ZIF Flash-3£95.00

  • assigned for Flash EPROMs in SSOP56 package (Intel 28FxxxF3x)
  • package body width 13.3mm (520 mil), pins lead pitch 31mil = 0,031 inch (0.8mm)
  • accessory for LabProg-48LV/LabProg+ and JetProg programmers
DIL24/TSSOP24 ZIF 170mil

DIL24/TSSOP24 ZIF 170mil£55.00

  • universal converter, assigned for all TSSOP devices up to 24 pins (e.g.serial EEPROMs), 170 mil body width.
  • pins lead pitch 0.65 mm

DIL40/TQFP80-1 ZIF AWM-1£82.50

  • assigned for programming Temic T89C51SND1 in TQFP80 package
  • accessory for LabProg+, LabProg-48LV, JetProg, T51prog, SmartProg

DIL44/TQFP44-3 ZIF£49.99

  • universal converter, assigned for devices in TQFP44
  • package body 10x10mm , outlets 13.9x13.9mm , 0.8mm pin pitch
  • wiring is TQFP1-DIL1, TQFP2-DIL2, .., TQFP43-DIL43, TQFP44-DIL44
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Page 1 of 2:    20 Items