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Anti Flux  F-02  ml.200

Anti Flux F-02 ml.200£3.95

A very useful product that eliminates the toughest residues of flux remaining after the stain-soldering on the PC boards.
It's a very effective degreaser and cleaner for PC boards and every kind of electric or electronic component: it completely evaporates leaving no deposits.

Antistatic Cleaning Foam S-35 ml.200

Antistatic Cleaning Foam S-35 ml.200£3.95

A spray foam studied for cleaning and deeply disinfecting TV and computer monitors, printers and other office equipments.

Contact Cleaner 200ml R-10

Contact Cleaner 200ml R-10£3.95

  • Recommended for every phase of electronics and electrical contact maintenance.
  • Cleans and protects against moisture, corrosion and oxidation 
  • Eliminates friction wear, sticking and squeaking parts.
Dry Contact Cleaner 200ml G-22

Dry Contact Cleaner 200ml G-22£3.95

Specific cleaner and degreaser for the most precise and delicate electronic equipments and sensitive components.

Label Off E-21 ml. 200

Label Off E-21 ml. 200£3.95

Rapidly removes every kind of paper-labels from the all materials, without damaging the surfaces.
E-21 deeply penetrates through the porosity of the paper and (in a few minutes) neutralises the adhesive power of the glue.


Page 1 of 1:    5 Items