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This web site serves Professional, Hobby and Educational users, with Information, Tools and Raw materials for the manufacture of Printed Circuit Boards. We hold stock of all our our products including Drill Bits, Routers, FR4 Materials, Underlay Materials and much more. View the products section to find out more.

With an emphasis on High Quality at affordable prices, we want to be your One Stop Shop..... Purchasing these specialist products should be hassle free.

We provide technical support, free advise and a community user forum to help ensure that the products and process that we provide are well understood and well supported.

Our stock is immediately available , everything we offer is used by us in our in-house PCB manufacturing facility, we offer nothing that we would not use ourselves.

This site allows us to offer some of the specialist tools and solutions that commercial manufacturers use, directly to you. Enabling you to benefit from the same high specification processes that we utilise to produce professional quality printed circuit boards in low volumes at low cost.

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45° tip, with ring, 1/8inch shank, 1.42inch long

45° tip, with ring, 1/8inch shank, 1.42inch long£12.50

45° tip, 1/8 in. shank, 1.42" (36 mm) Mechanical Etching and Engraving bit.