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GSM: GSM and Personal Communications Handbook

GSM: GSM and Personal Communications Handbook£75.00

the most comprehensive reference available on GSM applications and services that's intended to build on -- not replace -- the basic technical information in the authors' original bestseller, An Introduction to GSM.

GSM: GSM System Engineering

GSM: GSM System Engineering£75.00

This comprehensive reference helps cellular communications engineers gain a solid, all round understanding of the global system for mobile comms (GSM) - how it works and how it is shaping the next generation of personal communications systems.

MEL PICŪ Basic - An Introduction

MEL PICŪ Basic - An Introduction£19.95

Covers some of the most basic aspects of programming PICmicro MCU's, including binary and hex, DOS text edit, and the EPIC Programmer. Projects are explained and illustrated with sample code for microEngineering Labs' standard PicBasic Compiler (PBC).

PIC Microcontroller Project Book

PIC Microcontroller Project Book£29.95

What can you do with PIC microcontrollers? Practically anything from creating robots that hunt light to feed their solar cells to making toasters announce, "Your toast is ready".

Programming & Customizing the Basic Stamp...

Programming & Customizing the Basic Stamp...£34.50

A primer on basic electronics - including reading schematics, identifying components, and constructing prototypes. Thorough yet accessible coverage of both BASIC Stamp I and II - from reading and understanding BASIC programs, to detailed applications.

Programming PICŪ Microcontrollers with PICŪ Basic

Programming PICŪ Microcontrollers with PICŪ Basic£49.95

This comprehensive tutorial assumes no prior experience with PICŪ BASIC. Both the standard PicŪ Basic Compiler and PicŪ Basic Pro Compiler are covered.

Serial Communications

Serial Communications£49.95

Serial Communications" is a comprehensive book which details the various methods for implementing serial communications between a Microchip PICŪ micro and an external device.


Page 1 of 1:    7 Items