Chanalyzer 6 uses standard USB Wi-Fi NICs to take channel airtime measurements of every Wi-Fi channel. We use the NICs similar to a Wi-Spy going across the spectrum by hopping the adapters across each channel while simultaneously capturing all Wi-Fi traffic. In many ways, this is more useful because it will include MAC addresses of the devices for better tracking. This does limit the data to just Wi-Fi traffic, but with this data the user can see the other networks causing congestion and even track them down. Instead of a waterfall view, Chanalyzer 6 will graph airtime congestion using box and whisker plots to help visually show air time variability over a period of time.

Additionally, spectrum analysis is supported with the WiPry Clarity, a 6 GHz capable spectrum analyzer.  

What hardware do I need for Chanalyzer 6?


  ScreenShot2020-10-05at1.34.21PM.png unnamed.jpg
Capability USB Wi-Fi NIC
(Edimax AC1750 or similar)
WiPry Clarity Spectrum Analyzer
(or legacy Wi-Spy DBx)
Wi-Fi Generalist, Ready for Anything X X
Optimize WLAN Channels X X
Spectrum Density & Waterfall   X
Track down RF Interference   X
Packet Analysis X  
Spectrum Analysis   X
Find Wi-Fi Devices X  
See root cause of Co-Channel Interference X  
Troubleshoot roaming devices X  
  Supported Network Adapters



Chanalyzer 6 features vs hardware technical matrix

    Supported Spectrum Analyzers Supported Network Adapters  
Category Capability Wi-Spy DBx (legacy) WiPry Clarity   Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac) Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) Note
Spectrum analysis 2.4 & 5 GHz Spectrum Sweep Data X X      
Spectrum analysis 6 GHz Spectrum Sweep Data   X      
Wi-Fi traffic (packet) analysis 802.12abg Live Capture     X X  
Wi-Fi traffic (packet) analysis Wi-Fi 4 Live Capture (802.11n)     X X  
Wi-Fi traffic (packet) analysis Wi-Fi 5 Live Capture (802.11ac)     X X  
Wi-Fi traffic (packet) analysis Wi-Fi 6 Live Capture (802.11ax)       (in progress) limited by licensed TamoSoft drivers powering Chan6
Wi-Fi traffic (packet) analysis Wi-Fi 6E (6 GHz) Live Capture (802.11ax)       (forthcoming)

Supported Bands

  2.4 GHz 5 GHz 6 GHz
WiPry Clarity X X X
Wi-Spy DBx X X  
Supported Wi-Fi 5 Adapter X X  
Supported Wi-Fi 6 Adapter X X