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1.5A, Low-Noise, 1MHz, Step-Up DC-DC Converter£0.50

1.5A, Low-Noise, 1MHz, Step-Up DC-DC Converter

10 ohm CMOS Analog Switches£0.50

High-Current, 10Ω, SPST, CMOS Analog Switches


MAX 232 CPE£1.80

RS232 Level shifter

Max 352 CPE

Max 352 CPE£6.00   £3.50

MAXIM MAX352CPE Analogue Switch, Precision, SPST -
4 Channels, 80 ohm, 10V to 30V, ± 4.5V to ± 20V, DIP Package 16 pins.

MAX352 has four normally open (NO) switches

MAX186BCPP+£28.66   £15.00

MAX186BCPP+ Analogue to Digital Converter, Low Power, 12 bit, 133 kSPS, Dual (+/-), 4.75 V, 5.25 V, DIP

MAX232 CSE - Pack of 10

MAX232 CSE - Pack of 10£2.50

sold in packs of 10

used on:
Proton Smart
Proton MKII
Proton Graphic Serial LCD
Proton Net



Maxim MAX4780ETE+, Multiplexer Quad 2:1, 1.6 → 4.2 V, 16-Pin QFN

Maxim DS1390U-3+

Maxim DS1390U-3+£2.46   £1.23

Maxim DS1390U-3+, Real Time Clock (RTC) Serial-SPI, 10-Pin μMAX

Robust RS-485 Transceivers£0.50

Transceivers that feature an adjustable low-voltage logic interface for operation in multivoltage systems.

Step-Up DC-DC Controller£0.50

12V or Adjustable, High-Efficiency, Low IQ, Step-Up DC-DC Controller


Page 1 of 1:    10 Items