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10 ohm CMOS Analog Switches

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High-Current, Medium-voltage CMOS analog switches with low on-resistance of 10Ω max, specifically designed to handle large switch currents. With a switch capability of up to 400mA peak current and 300mA continuous current (MAX4655/MAX4656), and up to 300mA peak current and 150mA continuous current (MAX4657/MAX4658), these parts can switch loads as low as 25Ω. They can replace reed relays with a million times the speed and virtually unlimited number of lifetime cycles. Normal power consumption is only 3mW, whether the switch is on or off. These parts are TTL/CMOS compatible and will switch any voltage within its power-supply range.

Key Features

High Continuous Current Handling
300mA (MAX4655/MAX4656)
150mA (MAX4657/MAX4658)
High Peak Current Handling
400mA (MAX4655/MAX4656)
300mA (MAX4657/MAX4658)
10Ω (max) On-Resistance (±15V supplies)
VL Not Required
1Ω (max) RON Flatness over Specified Signal Range
Rail-to-Rail Signal Handling
+12V Single Supply or ±15V Dual Supply Operation
Pin Compatible with DG417, DG418


Audio Signal Routing
Audio Systems
Communication Systems
PBX/PABX Systems
PC Multimedia Boards
Redundant/Backup Systems
Relay Replacement
Test Equipment
XDSL Modems