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Size 3 Linux Tibbo Project PCB

Size 3 Linux Tibbo Project PCB
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Part Number:  05007 Embedded AggreGate license not included



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The LTPP3 is a Linux-based Tibbo Project PCB belonging to the Tibbo Project System (TPS) platform. The board is based on a powerful 1GHz Cortex-A8 Sitara CPU and has five UARTs, as well as two CAN controllers.

Thanks to its seven tiles offering a total of fourteen Tibbit module and fourteen Tibbit connector sockets, the LTPP3 can be used to create TPS configurations with up to five full serial ports, up to 25 relays, or up to 51 control lines, such as opto-inputs, PWMs, or open-collector outputs.

One use scenario for the LTPP3 is to purchase it with a license for Embedded Aggregate, turning it into a compact AggreGate server. This setup would allow for the rapid development and deployment of IoT applications.

In another scenario, you can take advantage of Node.js, which comes preinstalled on the board, opening up the entire world of Node.js programming.

This embedded Linux system can be used as a bare board or assembled into a Size 3 Tibbo Project Box (TPB3).

The LTPP3 is supported by the TPS Online Configurator, through which you can define a custom TPS and order it from our online store.

LTPP3: Size 3 Linux Tibbo Project PCB. This item DOES NOT include the Embedded AggreGate license.