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Does Chanalyzer 5 + Wi-Spy DBx Support 802.11ac

"Does Chanalyzer 5 + Wi-Spy DBx Support 802.11ac?"


Spectrum Analysis 802.11ac Support

Wi-Spy DBx is a spectrum analyzer. It hears all raw radio frequency activity in the 5 GHz band, including 802.11ac activity.

Spectrum activity created by an 80 MHz 802.11ac network.

Wi-Fi Scanning 802.11ac Support

Using inSSIDer Wi-Fi scanning technology, Chanalyzer 5 also overlays Wi-Fi scanning data on the spectrum analysis data provided by Wi-Spy. This Wi-Fi data is provided by your wireless adapter. Any 802.11a/n-compatible adapter will display 802.11ac channel widths and data rates. For more details, check out the Wi-Fi Adapter Buyer's Guide.

Representation of an 80 MHz 802.11ac network in Chanalyzer.

802.11ac Traffic With Density and Networks enabled