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60° tip, with ring, 1/8inch shank, 1.42inch long

60° tip, with ring, 1/8inch shank, 1.42inch long
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  • Geometry - 2-flute, "V" point
  • Tip diameter - 0.0050 in. ±0.0002"
  • Length - indicated ±0.010"
  • Tip angle - nominal ± 0.5°
  • Shank dia. - 0.1250 in. (3.18 mm) +0.00, -0.0002"
  • Runout (TIR) - 0.0002" max
  • Max. depth of cut - EFL varies by tip angle
  • Anticipated Life - 6,000 linear inches (fiberglass, CNC milling)
  • Material - solid submicrograin carbide
  • Ring Set - 0.800 in. ± 0.002" (optional)
  • Operating RPM - CNC certified operation 20k RPM to 100k RPM


Spiral geometry Ensures efficient debris removal
Cutting edge geometry virtually eliminates chatter at high feed rates
60° & 45° tips optimized for engraving non-ferrous metals, hardwoods, phenolics, stabilized woods and composite minerals.


Print circuit trace isolation
Engraving plaques, awards, medallions, and labels
Custom jewelry fabrication and marking

Tool Description

Tool Type: V-Bit
Diameter (D) = 0.1250"
Included Angle (A, total angle)

  • 45°
  • 60°

Stepdown = Depth per Pass, Pass Depth:

  • Plastic - 0.015" (0.38mm)
  • G-10 / FR-4 - 0.010" (0.25mm)
  • Aluminum - 0.005" (0.13mm)
  • Hardwood - 0.020" (0.51mm)
  • Softwood - 0.030" (0.76mm)
  • MDF - 0.020" (0.51mm)

Depth of Cut (DOC):

  • 45° - 0.075" (1.92mm)

  • 60° - 0.054" (1.38mm)

Stepover (for final cleanup pass) = 0.002" (0.13mm)
Stepover (for roughing, clearance pass) = 0.005" (0.25mm)
Spindle RPM (SPEED) = 5 KRPM to 60 KRPM
Feedrate (IPM) = Depends on the material being cut. (see articles section)
Plunge rate = 5 IPM to 25 IPM (again depending on material being cut)




Depth Setting Rings

We recommend that bits are fitted with depth setting rings. This will allow you to set the plunge depth stop on your drill press to a single value that will work for all bit diameters.
All of our bits can be purchased with or without rings. When ordering drills with depth rings, you may specify the depth ring position to suit your requirements.

Drill Distance Rings are plastic collars that are set precisely onto the shank of a drill bit, end-mill or router bit. The ring is positioned relative to the tip of the tool, the positioning is micrometer set for precise distance setting.

We can provide tool rings for automatic tool change systems and LPKF "S" series machines, such as ProtoMat S62, ProtoMat 95s and LPKF 101 Hi-P Automill systems.



We have a number of available ring colours:
  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Pink
  • Green
  • Orange
  • Purple
  • Blue

In use, because the shank-side of the ring is pressed against the collet of the milling or drilling machine when the tool is loaded, the tip of the bit will be at a specific distance form the machine collet. this ensures repeatability when inserting milling bits, especially useful when performing precise processes like Insulation routing (copper removal to create PCB tracks).

  • Using tool rings, the machine operator can lower the tool, confident that the depth of cut will be as required and repeatable, even when the tool is changed
  • Tool Distance Rings are almost always used on machine with automatic tool changers, however many machine operators with manual machines prefer the convenience of the Drill distance Ring.
  • Tool Distance Rings can be a savior when using expensive tools (micro drills) where reference surface calibrate may damage or break the tip of the tool.
  • Our Drill/Mill bits are available with or without depth setting rings. There is no charge to add the rings, but when ordering it is important to specify the exact distance that you require the rings to be set.
  • Distance Rings can be placed on any of the drill bits we supply. If you require any specific ring colours on your tools then please contact our Sales department after placing your order.

If you order a customer distance or a specific colour we will try to keep this information on record, so that next time you order we can make up the order to your standard distance.