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EYE PA with AirPcap NX

EYE PA with AirPcap NX
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From here, you’ll be able to visually drill down to get the play-by-play of the chatter on your network, and see the congestion from all of the networks that share your channels.


There may be a lot more slowing down your Wi-Fi traffic than you realize.

But, unless you examine your network at the packet level, you won’t know what it is. Once you’ve surveyed your spectrum using Wi-Spy and Chanalyzer and have a good idea of your RF environment, fire up Eye P.A. (with AirPcap Nx) to drill down to the packet level and get the play-by-play of the chatter on your network.

Eye P.A. lets you see the congestion from all of the networks that share your channels, so you can optimize your network configuration and settings for increased capacity and network stability.

Eye P.A. + AirPcap Nx will help you:
  • See a quick overview of your network
  • Get suggested improvements
  • Measure WLAN network retransmission
  • Identify “slow talkers” on your wireless network
  • Improve overall network throughput and capacity

Analyze with built-in tips and information.

After you select the network(s) you are interested in troubleshooting, Eye P.A. identifies network issues and suggests improvements based on its packet inspection of protection mechanisms, legacy data rates, encryption, and channel placement. You’ll be presented with information that suggests steps you can take to ensure your Wi-Fi deployment is of the highest quality possible.

Filter and visualize data to see trends and problems

Packet analysis used to involve sorting through thousands of lines of text and guessing where problems lie. Rather than leave you to slog through pages of tables, Eye P.A. does all of the heavy lifting for you, by providing quick and powerful filters that slice and dice the packets any way you want.

The magic of Eye P.A. that saves you tons of time, however, lies in its presentation of your chosen data that you selected with the filters. At the heart of Eye P.A. are multi-layered, interactive pie charts called “treepies”. Treepies graphically display overall utilization for the total amount of air time, total packets, and total bytes present in a .pcap file. If you can read a pie chart, you can quickly understand the congestion and frame types Eye P.A. is showing you.

What you see in the treepies and the associated data tables can be filtered by SSID, MAC address, and even Subframe Types. You can also use the adjustable time graph to select the time span that looks most interesting.


Go into detail with the Packets Tab

In Eye P.A.’s Packets Tab, you’ll find a table that breaks down the packet traffic in your capture as it happened. Being able to see the RSSI, Data Rate, and other specific packet-level details provides even more insight into the cause of a WLAN’s problems. You can even see the direction packets were being sent at a glance.

Just like with the treepies, the packets table will update to reflect whatever filters and timespan you’ve set. You can also customize the columns to only show what you’re interested in.

Prove your findings with a visual report

Take advantage of Eye P.A.’s save-to-clipboard feature to generate color-coded charts and graphs that quickly explain the results of your survey to a client, or simply document your findings for later reference. The time graph and and treepies will be copied as images for use in a deliverable like a RTF of PDF document, while the active selection and associated data table will be copied as a csv.

Create packet captures with AirPcap Nx

AirPcap Nx is the recommended way to create capture 802.11 packets files for use in Eye P.A. It provides the best USB-based packet capture hardware for the Windows platform. Easy-to-deploy, this unique dual-band offering supports full packet capture for 802.11 a/b/g/n, featuring 2 x 2 MIMO with two internal antennas and can capture 2 spatial streams, each 40MHz wide. In addition to internal antennas, AirPcap Nx has two integrated MC-Card connectors for optional external antennas to enhance performance in the most demanding environments.



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