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Wi-Spy DBX with Chanalyzer, Report Builder , & 1 year Metacare

Wi-Spy DBX with Chanalyzer, Report Builder ,  & 1 year Metacare
 Wi-Spy DBX with Chanalyzer, Report Builder ,  & 1 year MetacareWi-Spy DBX with Chanalyzer, Report Builder ,  & 1 year Metacare 
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Chanalyzer displays RF data collected from Wi-Spy spectrum analyzer, showing you the channels and frequencies where Wi-Fi, ZigBee, and other possibly interfering devices are active in the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands. Chanalyzer’s Session Manager provides the ability to categorize your spectrum survey captures by room, floor, or site. The Waterfall Navigation feature allows you to jump directly to the point of a recording where RF activity was highest– a huge time savings over linear analysis. A daytime color scheme ensures readability in bright locations. Optional accessories include a Cisco CleanAir® to connect remotely to CleanAir APs, Report Builder for documenting findings, and Device Finder for locating interfering transmitters.

Pain Relief for Wi-Fi Headaches

Chanalyzer is designed to bring simplicity and power to the process of wireless troubleshooting. It combines Wi-Spy’s ability to read raw RF data with your computer’s built-in Wi-Fi card to show you how environmental Wi-Fi saturation and non-Wi-Fi transmitters are affecting your network.

Chanalyzer is capable of displaying activity in the 2.4 GHz band, & 5 GHz band, or both simultaneously if multiple Wi-Spy devices are present.

With Chanalyzer you can:

  • • Find the clearest channel for your networks to optimize WLAN
  • connectivity and throughput
  • • Locate interfering transmitters that are harming your network and
  • defeat troublesome devices
  • • Prove and document RF issues, and your solutions, with customized,
  • colorful reports (Report Builder accessory)
  • • Troubleshoot remotely with data from Cisco access points (Cisco
  • CleanAir accessory)

Understand Utilization by Colour


A variety of devices transmit in the same part of the wireless spectrum as Wi-Fi, including microwave ovens, cordless phones, security cameras, and more. With Chanalyzer, you can visualize just how active these transmitters are, based on the Density View’s colours.

These colours range from blue for infrequent transmissions to red for constant activity.

DVR-Like Playback Controls


Similar to a television’s DVR, you can pause or rewind your data while Chanalyzer continues to record in the background. When reviewing a recording, Chanalyzer’s Waterfall Navigation allows you to go directly to the time with the highest utilization, or any other point of interest during the survey. Every graph and table in Chanalyzer adjusts itself to display only information from the selected time span in the Waterfall Navigation Pane.

What you get in Chanalyzer:

  • Visualization of raw spectrum data
  • Wi-Fi network overlays
  • Visual playback with Waterfall Navigation
  • Session recording and saving
  • Automatic device classification
  • Option to add specialized accessories