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EM500 hides behind a standard RJ45 jack and occupies only 18.5x6.5mm (0.63x0.26") of board space.

Ethernet and optional Wi-Fi connectivity. One serial port supporting full-/half-duplex RS232, Wiegand, and clock/data modes. 8 I/O lines.

This is your economical choice for building Ultra-light connected devices.

The EM500 is an ultra compact Tibbo BASIC/C-programmable IoT Module with Ethernet and optional Wi-Fi* connectivity. The EM500 has one UART. The first member of our MiniMo family, the EM500 is designed to be used in tandem with a standard RJ45 magnetics jack. The combined footprint of the EM500 and a typical jack is only 28.5x18.5mm (1.12x0.63"). Compact dimensions, space-saving "vertical slice" form factor, low power consumption, and economical pricing make the module an excellent fit for miniature, cost-sensitive "connected" devices. Module testing and evaluation can be performed with our EM500EV development system. The EM500 may be uploaded with a fully functional serial-over-IP (SoI) application that turns the EM500 into a powerful serial over IP (SoI) device, a.k.a. the Ethernet converter. * Requires the GA1000 Wi-Fi add-on to be connected externally.

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8-bit CMOS EPROM MCU, 2K FLASH, 224 bytes RAM - 4MHz (18)

DS1102 Basic Programmable

DS1102 Basic Programmable£90.00

The DS1102 is a compact BASIC-programmable controller targeting serial-over-IP and serial control applications.

EM203 + RJ203 02 Module Combination

EM203 + RJ203 02 Module Combination£34.50

RJ203+EM203-02(with fixed firmware)

The RJ203 can also be used in combination with the EM203 module.

ABS Enclosure with battery compartment. 91,40mm x 146,10mm x 32,50mm

ABS Enclosure with battery compartment. 91,40mm x 146,10mm x 32,50mm£2.00

Hammond ABS Black Enclosure

Router 0.50mm x 2.5mm

Router 0.50mm x 2.5mm£4.50

0.50mm x 2.5mm SC/FT Series PCB Router, suitable for peripheral contour routing

1.0 mm 1/2 oz double sided FR4 12'' x 9''

1.0 mm 1/2 oz double sided FR4 12" x 9"£4.50

9" x 12" 1.0 mm 1/2 oz double sided FR4 Copper Board typically used in the manufacture of double sided PCB's with Plated Through Holes or Via's.

1.55mm 1oz single side FR4  12'' x 9''

1.55mm 1oz single side FR4 12" x 9"£4.50

FR4 copper clad single side FR4 board, cut to 12"x9"

End Mill 0.10mm

End Mill 0.10mm£15.25

0.10mm End Mill, used to mill large paths in the FR4 board material.

PCB Drill 0.70mm x 10.00mm

PCB Drill 0.70mm x 10.00mm£1.95

0.70mm x 10.00mm ST Series PCB Drill, are a universal drill bit witch can be used for many materials.