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LAB-X2 Assembled

LAB-X2 Assembled
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Part Number:  00150
Manufacturer:  ME Labs



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The LAB-X2 combines the convenience of the LAB-X1 with the simplicity and flexibility of the PICProto boards.

The LAB-X2 contains the circuitry required by the PICmicro MCU tooperate: 5-voltpower supply, oscillator, reset circuit, as well as an RS-232 serial port and basic analog and digital I/O. Both 40 and 28-pin DIP microcontrollers are accommodated.All of the pins on the MCU are wired to a 40 pin connector which can be used to connect your prototype circuitry.

The LAB-X2 can run programs written in assembler, C and PicBasic or PicBasic Pro. The in-circuit programming connector allows the resident PICmicroMCU to be reprogrammed on the fly (requires flash device) using programmers that support this feature like our melabs U2 Programmer.

It is recommended the LAB-X2 be used with the 40-pin PIC16F877 or the 28-pinPIC16F876 (available separately). These flash devices may be reprogrammed again and again.

Since you build your project on a separate protoboard, you can use the LAB-X2 for concurrent development of several projects without the hassle ofdisassembly or the expense of multiple development boards. Just reprogram the X2 and move it to the next project.

The interface connector on the X2 will also accept individual wires, allowing you to use solderless circuit strips for quick, easy prototyping.

The LAB-X2 is available in either assembled or bare PCB form. A parts list and schematic are included.


  • Inputs: 3 pushbuttons, 1 potentiometer
  • Outputs: 3 LEDs, 1 RC servo connector
  • I/O: RS232 interface
  • Misc: Reset button, 5-volt regulator, 4MHz crystal oscillator
  • In-circuit programming connector
  • Prototyping area for additional circuits
  • Available assembled as a bare PCB
  • Size is 4.9" x 2.25"