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Proton PIC® micro Development Board - Base unit

Proton PIC® micro Development Board - Base unit Image

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Product Information


The Crownhill Proton Development Board is a must for developers of PICmicro® applications. Whether just beginning, or a seasoned veteran, the Proton board offers the flexability for a rapid solution to be realised.

The Proton-Dev system is available in four formats:

  1. Fully built and tested, but without an LCD. View »
  2. Fully built and tested with 2x16 Alpha Numeric LCD Display. View »
  3. Fully Built and tested with 64x128 graphic LCD Display (requires Proton Plus Compiler or Proton Development Suite for Graphics LCD functions). View »
  4. Fully Built and tested with 2x16 Alpha Numeric and 128x64 Graphics LCD Displays.(requires Proton Plus Compiler or or Proton Development Suite for Graphics LCD functions). View »

The Proton PICmicro™ Development Board with 2x16 Alpha Numeric Display is our recommended option for Proton Compiler users and for those who use the Proton Plus compiler or Proton Development Suite we recommend option 3 or 4.

The Proton PICmicro™ Development Board is supplied with a user guide including circuit diagrams and source code for example programs.

A major feature of the Proton Development Board is that it is supplied with a 16F877 pre-loaded with our Proton Bootloader (see What is a BootLoader?). Most other PIC BASIC Compilers either don't have a built-in Bootloader, or the Bootloader is a chargeable extra! — the short story is: for development, if you are using the Proton Development Suite (or Proton Plus Compiler) and the Proton Development Board, you do not need a programmer. Simply write your code, connect the development board to your PC serial port and click on the LOAD button in the compiler's editor and your program is transferred to the PIC! Two key presses, one to compile, one to load...it doesn't get much easier than that!


On board peripherals include:

  • 16-button keypad
  • LCD (graphic (available separately) or alphanumeric)
  • LEDs (4x red, 4x green)
  • Serial EEPROMs (I2C and SPI (available separately))
  • RS232 serial port
  • Infra-red transmitters and receiver (available separately)
  • A choice of crystal frequencies
  • PIC16F877 on board

The choice of options is extensive enough to make the Proton Development Board the single solution for a multitude of challenges.


Take a look at the Proton Development Board in detail, download the user manual (PDF format)

Product Specs

Dimensions21mm x 164mm x 87mm
Item Weight190.00g
Manufactured byCrownhill Associates Limited

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